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BMF Hydraulics has experience producing both small, mobile hydraulic cylinders up to large, multi-ton industrial cylinders. Beginning with initial material procurement and inspection, we handle all manufacturing aspects from precision machining and welding to final painting and testing.

Our in-house team of engineers can assist you from the very first steps of design and development, tailoring solutions based on your specific project.

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CNC lathes

(up to 50” diameter and 200” length) x 12

Conventional lathes

(up to 31” diameter and 120” length) x 8

Horizontal lathes x 2

Mills & Machining Centers

CNC machining center

(120” length x 80” width x 50” height) x 1


Horizontal mills x 4

Vertical mills x 3

Drilling & Tapping Capability

Radial drills (50”x62”) x 10;


CNC drills (23”x23”) x 2; 

Pneumatic tappers x 2;


Bench drills x 2 


Horizontal deep hole drill

(78” length) x 1

Honing & Boring Capability

Deep hole boring machines

(10” diameter and 160” length) x 2


Vertical CNC honing machine x 1;


Cylindrical grinding machines x 3

Mills & Machining Centers

Press brakes x2;


Hydraulic plate shear x 1;


Press (60T) x2; 

Press (300T) x 2

Gas, Plasma, EDM Cutting

Automatic oxy-flame cutting torches x 4


Plasma cutter x 1;


CNC wire-cut EDM x 2

Welding Capability

Manual & automatic TIG & MIG welding,

& submerged arc welding

In-house Painting Line

Automatic paint line with pre-wash & pre-treatment, automatic spray booth, and oven curing. Large spray booth for oversized cylinders.


Test Equipment

Hydraulic cylinder test stand

(up to 10,000 psi)  x 1


General pump test stations

(up to 12,000 psi)  x 1

BMF Hydraulics' customers represent a wide array of industries, each representing its own unique requirements and challenges. Several current industries we serve demand safety-critical precision and quality, which we have been able to achieve. Click the button below to learn more about the industries we serve.

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